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Worry Not - Your Anti Anxiety Handbook

  • Worry Not: Your Anti-Anxiety Handbook" is your go-to guide for finding calmness and peace of mind in today's hectic world.

    Packed with practical strategies and exercises, this pocket-sized handbook offers empowering tools to soothe your anxious mind and restore balance to your life.


    Whether you're dealing with occasional nervousness or persistent anxiety, "Worry Not" provides a comprehensive roadmap for managing worries and embracing serenity. Perfect for busy individuals, this concise handbook offers effective solutions you can implement anytime, anywhere.



    Key Features:

    • Practical exercises and techniques to alleviate anxiety
    • Mindfulness practices for grounding and centering yourself
    • Cognitive-behavioral strategies to challenge negative thought patterns
    • Self-care rituals to nurture your mental and emotional well-being
    • Compact and portable format for on-the-go support


  • Firefly is an organisation that strongly believes mental health is not only an individual’s concern but the responsibility of society at large. With the objective of driving joint-action, Firely predominantly conducts events that enable awareness, open conversations, self-expression and empathy around mental health.


    Through their products and events, Firefly aims to pioneer impact in the direction of an emotionally intelligent society.


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