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Our Well known - 
Wellness Events!

Our personalized approach to mental wellness and personal growth supports your unique journey with curated products, events, and services.


We offer options that align with your individual needs and preferences, guided by a caring team to help you achieve personal growth.

  Moonlight Talks 

A circle of strangers. Meaningful conversations. Sharing, learning, and supporting. All under the moonlight.

This is our flagship event that aims at building a community of people to share, exchange perspectives and realise that they are not alone in anything they go through.

   Curated events

Women’s Day, World Kindness Day, Valentine’s Day, any day of the month for that matter- is a great reason to celebrate you!

We’ve mastered curating eventful days that are filled with self-reflection, expression, realizations, learning, and a lot of self-love along the way. 


Glimpses of our previous workshops


Why choose Firefly?


Lives we’ve touched


People who’ve began their transformation journey after seeking individual help from us


Number of corporates and educational institutions that have taken the first step with us to put their people first
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