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Your purchase matters! 20% of EACH purchase goes towards mental well-being for underprivileged kids

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Kickstart the new year with Firefly's all new journal!

Your year needs to be eventful, productive, relaxing, and fulfilling.
This journal is designed to make all of that possible and more! 

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Want all the people you care about to have a great 2022?

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This journal is designed by mental wellness professionals to bring out your best self through


Vision &
Goal Setting


Make better decisions


Understand the people you surround yourself with


Dig deeper into your beliefs and wants


Realise who you really are and want to be 


Self Reflection

Written & curated by people who care...

About the Authors

Priyanka is a counsellor, trainer and curator of mental health events. As a survivor of mental health battles herself, she believes that the journey to reach an individual’s potential begins with self-awareness. 


Gold Medalist,
M. Sc. Psychology


A mix of studying NLP and MSc.Psychology made her realise that one can change their life, just by training their belief-system. She loves understanding and sharing emotional connections with others.


Programming Practitioner



Firefly Cards-15.png

Firefly is an organization that strongly believes mental health is not only an individual’s concern but the responsibility of society at large. With the objective of driving joint action, Firefly predominantly conducts events that enable awareness, open conversations, self-expression, and empathy around mental health.

Through their products and events, Firefly aims to pioneer impact in the direction of an emotionally intelligent society.

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