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Your Transformation Journey Part 1:  
Understanding your goals & the ways to achieve them 

    In this course, you'll learn 

  • Why do we often fail to achieve our goals, regardless of their size or apparent simplicity?

  • Understand the factors that hinder your progress,

  • We'll guide you through a visualization exercise to explore your aspirations and envision the life you desire 

  • You'll have the freedom to reflect at your own pace and learn how to refine your goals to align with your authentic needs and wants.

  • We'll provide you with practical strategies to stay motivated and committed until you accomplish your goals.

वीडियो चलाए
  • Learn from a Certified Therapist

  • Learn from a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner

  • 24 Videos - Self Paced Course

  • A Free Extensive Workbook covering your learnings

  • A Free Guided Visualisation session

  • 3 Activity Worksheets

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